The Hande Xmas Meal Deal


Yeesh, Christmas already? 

This one is going to be rough for a lot of people so we've come up with a new gifting concept: The Hande Xmas Meal Deal.

For every lovely giftbox gifted, we will donate a festive meal to someone in need.

What's included in the box?

1 x Organic Hande Sanitiser

1 x Natural Hande Moisturiser 

1 x Hand-Cut 100g Soap Bar


Why should I buy it?

It's the giftbox that keeps giving. Your loved ones will keep clean in style, and someone, somewhere will receive a festive meal on your dime. That's the spirit of Christmas right there!

As always we've kept an eye on the environment. The Meal Deal uses plastic free, recyclable packaging and all natural ingredients.

Merry Christmas everyone, next year will be SO much better x