Hande was founded by a group of friends In south london.

We’re a social enterprise making products with a conscience that prioritise people and the planet ahead of profit.

We return a third of profits to charities at the heart of our community, and donate products to local organisations in need. 

We Believe In People And Commit To Paying Our Team The London Living Wage.

We Believe In Our Community.

We’re Peckham And Proud.

So what do you do?

We make hand sanitiser - a nice organic one that is soft to the hands, vegan, and of course protective against nasty germs that love to live on our hands.

And for the community?

Aah, this is the best bit - we created Hande to help support the local community, not just through the pandemic but ongoing. We’ve partnered with charities and organisations that support people from all walks of life.

Does it smell nice?

Of course it does! It's a lovely blend of argan oil (to keep the hands soft) and essential oils sourced from the Atlas Mountains giving a woody warming scent (think the opposite of the sticky gels that have the scent of a bootlegged gin).

What else do you do?

Glad you asked. We’re already developing some new skincare products that will launch this year, plus we’re collaborating with some talented makers in Peckham and beyond to create a series of lifestyle (sorry, that’s a bit vague) products that will celebrate local talent and help support small businesses.

Can I work with you?

What are you looking to do? We’re going to be growing the team over the next few months so if you have a desire to come onboard in some capacity then drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do.

Ive got an idea for a…..

That’s the spirit, the idea of working with other brands and people for the common good is what we’re all about, so if you’ve got an idea of how we could do something great together then drop us a mail.